J Rocket anunció recientemente el reingreso a sus filas del Melody EQ Drive, un pedal signature de Mark Lettieri, guitarrista de Snarky Puppy y ganador de 3 premios Grammy.


Basicamente es un Overdrive con controles de Volumen, gain y 6 bandas de EQ, que lo vuelven uno de los overdrives mas versátiles que conocemos, ya que puedes poner la frecuencia especifica que necesitas a comparación de los que solo tiene un control de tono.

A continuación la información a través de J Rocket:

“We are pleased to introduce to you the MELODY Overdrive, an uber versatile overdrive that will be perfect for any pedalboard.  For those of you who don’t know Mr. Lettieri, Mark is a MONSTER guitar player, composer and producer as well as the guitarist for three time GRAMMY WINNING band Snarky Puppy.

While working with Mark on creating his signature pedal he needed a pedal as versatile as his playing. He needed an overdrive that could cater to blues, rock, R&B, jazz, gospel and even more heavy gain styles. While most overdrives are highly competent in one style this one had to pull all the stops yet be super easy to use.

The MELODY overdrive, while looking simple, is super versatile thanks to its six band EQ. This EQ allows you to dial in the optimal level of gain and volume but then tailor the tone to the voice of your own guitar and playing style!

Humbuckers? Single Coils? American Cleans? British Cleans? The MELODY is a perfect compliment for ANY and ALL Guitars!

The MELODY will be available after NAMM at all Rockett dealers and through our website directly 

As always, keep on strumming!

The Rockett Team”


¿Que te parece?

No podemos esperar para probarlo en en NAMM 2018!!



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